Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass (Matthew Lincoln 2013)

Lincoln, Matthew D. "Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass." Matthew Lincoln, PhD (blog), 18 Sep 2013, is from part of a series of posts on my work this summer in the Michelle Smith Collaboratory exploring possibilities for digital art historical practice: Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass Charting the Rijksmuseum: Digging Deeper Charting the Rijksmuseum: The Problem of … Continue reading Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass (Matthew Lincoln 2013)

Outdated / Offensive Terminology

One of the most interesting aspects about ICONCLASS is that it can develop with the language, therefore also within the cultural context in which and for which it is made. This fluid nature allows for debates that even trascend visual arts. This is why we aim to reach out to a wide audience, to keep … Continue reading Outdated / Offensive Terminology