Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass (Matthew Lincoln 2013)

Lincoln, Matthew D. "Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass." Matthew Lincoln, PhD (blog), 18 Sep 2013, is from part of a series of posts on my work this summer in the Michelle Smith Collaboratory exploring possibilities for digital art historical practice: Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass Charting the Rijksmuseum: Digging Deeper Charting the Rijksmuseum: The Problem of … Continue reading Charting the Rijksmuseum: Iconclass (Matthew Lincoln 2013)


Review: ICONCLASS meeting 10.2016

Iconclass Expert Meeting September 22-23 By Jane Darnell Iconclass introductory manual in Italian, published in 2000 I attended the first Iconclass Expert Meeting since 1989. It was held in the RKD in The Hague, and iconclass experts were in attendance from the Netherlands, US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, and Chili. Representing the founding father … Continue reading Review: ICONCLASS meeting 10.2016