The French Emblems at Glasgow website gives you access to all the 27 French Emblem Books of the 16th century, along with their Latin versions when appropriate, provided by the University of Glasgow.

While the seed of the emblem as a genre was sown in Germany in 1531, it flowered and developed in France during the 16th century, and it was from there that it spread throughout Europe.


Iconclass uses a controlled vocabulary, designed to index images. Use of Iconclass in this project has been developed in close association with the Mnemosyne project in the Netherlands, and, in our case, also used experimentally to index mottoes and primary texts (but not secondary texts).
When viewing individual emblems in ‘transcribed page’ view, you can choose to search “Image only” or “Image and Text”. As with any other Search category, you can also limit its use to individual books or groups of books (but not to elements within books). You can put one or more keywords in the search box, using the standard rules for text searching.
You can also:
Browse the Iconclass Hierarchy. This will allow you to explore the whole hierarchical system used by Iconclass, and base your searching on this framework.

Some content:


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